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Jessubond is an experienced mirror manufacturer in China. Our company provides a wide range of products, including anti-theft convex mirror, wide angle dome mirror, stainless steel convex mirror, and more.

Main Products
  • Circular Reflective MirrorKLCW-0060 circular reflective mirror adopts a round convex mirror, diameter of which is 60cm, so the visual field can be quite wide. The product can protect safety of cars and pedestrians by displaying large-scale scenery and eliminating visual dead angle of intersection. Made of PMMA, mirror lens can provide clear image and resist shock. The red-and-white and yellow-and-black design of the edge is attractive, so it is used to alert others on the road. Mirror back is made of ABS, which prolongs life span of the product effectively ...
  • Wide Angle Dome Mirror

    KLAF-0010 wide angle dome mirror is quite large in the series, and the diameter is 100cm. Customer can see the whole situation clearly and exactly from any angle in the room. The edge adopts rubber material, and six connecting parts are used to install the product on the top of room tightly. Made of PMMA, mirror lens is resistant to shock, and will not produce shape fragment when broken, so people under the mirror are safe. The carton size is 107.5cm×108cm×69.5cm, and each carton can hold five products ...