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About Us

Shanghai Jessubond Traffic Safety New Material Co., Ltd. is a Chinese manufacturer of road safety products. Our catalogue includes items such as the reflective mirror, convex mirror, anti-theft mirror, and other various traffic safety supplies. Located at the Dagang economic development zone of the Songjiang district within Shanghai, our company has a registered capital of 8 million CNY and a total investment of 300 million CNY. Domestically, we have branch offices and distributors present in every major city across China. Internationally, our presence can be felt in major countries around the world.

Advanced technology, sophisticated manufacturing equipment, and numerous injection molding devices allow us to provide clients with high quality products. Developed independently, our KEY LIGHT convex mirror, dome mirror, and other similar products all come with diameters ranging between 30cm and 120cm. As a high-end brand, the KEY LIGHT convex mirror is fashion statement for the discerning consumer. In fact, it is a designated brand at certain locations and has been exported to regions such as Europe, North America, South America, Southeast Asia, Africa, Australia, Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan. Introduced by our company in 2008, the PK brand convex mirror comes at a very competitive price, making it the top choice for clients on a budget. Available by popular demand, our company also sells traffic ancillary products such as the traffic cone, warning traffic pole, safety barrier, road stud, and so on.

In 2000, we integrated premium reflective sheeting into our line up, provided by the brand Tong Ming. They have since expanded, emerging as the second largest domestic source of reflective sheeting. We are currently a part of their sales alliance. In 2004, we became an authorized dealer of 3M reflective material products. In 2010 we became the official strategic partner of Avery. We are now capable of handling reflective material re-processing and silk screen printing orders.

In 2007, our company successfully passed the ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification. We prefer quality over quantity and strive to provide clients with sincere and professional services because ultimately, they are our number one priority. It is our aim to become highly specialized so that we may be recognized as the best within our chosen field of expertise. We provide full range solutions for all of our products. Customer service representatives are on standby for technical support and to assist you with any inquiries.

Main Products
  • Traffic Safety Mirror

    The diameter of KLC-0060 traffic safety mirror is 60cm, so the product can provide a wide visual range. Our product is especially suitable for application in bend or intersection where view is limited, for it can show the whole surrounding traffic situation clearly. Mirror lens is made of PMMA, which is 2mm thick, or PC, which is 0.7mm or 1.5mm thick. As a result, our traffic safety mirror is featured with high light transmittance, good display effect, and good shock resistance. The housing is made of orange PP material ...

  • Garage Safety Mirror

    KLXX-0022 safety mirror is composed of a round convex mirror, the diameter of which is 22cm, and an installation handle in the back. Installed in the exit of lane, convex mirror can provide a wide visual range, eliminate dead angle of observation, and guarantee user's safety. The lens is featured with low roughness, clear image, and good distance sense. Moreover, it is not easy to break or produce scratch, and it enjoys a long life span. Besides, the product is safe and steady, and it is easy to install ...