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Decorative Mirror Decorative Mirror

Decorative mirror uses high quality PMMA lens to provide the clearest image. Due to the high strength, the surface of the lens is not easy to produce scratch. We can customize products according to customers' specific requirements. Our product is widely applied to all kinds of decoration, and it is used as parts of furniture, toy, and playground.

Our product is featured with abundant styles, various sizes, and clear images. Other than round mirror, we also have mirrors which have irregular sea horse shape or curve edge. Moreover, there are round patterns, which have attractive designs, on the surface of some products. Our product also has many colors for choice, such as red, gold, blue, and so on. Equipped with a cap, the product can avoid sunshine and rain. It enjoys long life span, and quality of the lens and the housing can be guaranteed. Our product can be used in hotel and entertainment place to attract people's attention, and can also be used in house to beautify the environment.

Decorative Mirror Decorative Mirror Decorative Mirror Decorative Mirror

As a professional decorative mirror manufacturer and supplier in China, we provide not only decorative mirror, but also 360 degree dome mirror, wide angle dome mirror, full view mini mirror, and more.

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