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Thanks to its high quality, favorable price, and complete series of size, dome mirror takes up a lot of the market and is popular among users. Our product can be divided into three types, namely full dome mirror, half dome mirror, and quarter dome mirror, all of which have three optional sizes, including 30cm, 40cm, and 120cm.

Equipped with high quality PMMA lens, our product is able to produce the clearest image. Moreover, the lens is featured with high hardness, so the surface can avoid scratch, and the life span of the product can be prolonged. The adhesive tape edge guarantees good sealing and firmness of the lens. Furthermore, the product is easy to install, for it can be directly on the ceiling by screw or wire rope. There are three types with three shapes and three visual angles, namely 90 degree, 180 degree, and 360 degree. Besides, detailed installation manual is available. Our product is widely in supermarket, shopping mall, school, warehouse, office building, and so forth.

Our product is a device which broadens user's visual field and eliminate visual dead angle. Compared with convex mirror, our product has wider visual angle. When user is not directly facing convex mirror, the observation effect cannot be satisfying and user can see nothing when at the back of it. Our product, however, adopts round design to make observation position more flexible.

Our product is installed on the ceiling, under which user can see the situation displayed on the product. Half dome mirror is often installed at the border of ceiling and wall, and quarter dome mirror is installed at the junction of two walls, and these two products have overcome space limitation and can provide clear images for customers. Our product has many optional sizes, so customers can choose their favorite ones according to their specific requirements.

Jessubond is a specialized dome mirror manufacturer and supplier based in China. Our company also provides indoor convex mirror, anti-theft mirror, reflective mirror, outdoor convex mirror, and more.

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