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Quarter Dome Mirror Quarter Dome Mirror

Designed to provide safety inspection and wide view range, quarter dome mirror is a 90 degree spherical mirror installed at the border of two walls. The product can be used in places like supermarket, shopping mall, large-scale warehouse, factory, hospital, hotel lobby, office, and restaurant, etc. Our product has three sizes, namely 30cm, 40cm, and 50cm. The product is popular in many countries in the world, so it is safe and reliable.

Detailed Information

KLAQ-0030 30CM 10PCS/CTN 27*27*35CM 1.4KGS/2.5KGS 10900/22500/
KLAQ-0040 40CM 10PCS/CTN 35*37*35CM 1.8KGS/3.5KGS 6100/12700/
KLAQ-0050 50CM 10PCS/CTN 37*37*38CM 2.5KGS/4.5KGS 5300/11100/
KLAQ-0060 60CM 10PCS/CTN 39*40*49CM 2.8KGS/4.8KGS 1400/3000/
KLAQ-0070 70CM 10PCS/CTN 44*44*55CM 3.3KGS/5.5KGS 2600/5400/
KLAQ-0080 80CM 10PCS/CTN 55*56*60CM 3.9KGS/6.5KGS 1540/31500/
KLAQ-0090 90CM 10PCS/CTN 60*60*62CM 4.5KGS/7.5KGS 1260/2600/
KLAQ-0100 100CM 10PCS/CTN 63*64*63CM 5.5KGS/9.5KGS 1100/2200/

The shape of this product is a quarter of full dome mirror, which has the same diameter as the former. The eight types of the product vary from KLAQ-0030 to KLAQ-0100, diameters of which range from 30cm to 100cm. Product of larger size will occupy larger space but can provide clearer image. The product can broaden user's visual field by shrinking surrounding scenery and displaying it on the mirror. The viewing angle is 90 degree, and the two sides of installation position are limited by two walls, so all users, in the front of mirror, can see the situation in it clearly. Besides, each carton can hold ten products, and the carton, which holds larger product, is also larger and heavier.

Quarter Dome Mirror Quarter Dome Mirror

Jessubond is a specialized quarter dome mirror manufacturer in China. Our company provides a vast range of products, including rectangular reflective mirror, inspection mirror, traffic safety supplies, and convex security mirror, among others.

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