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Our portable anti theft mirror adopts high quality PP or PMMA lens, and it uses vacuum coating machine to coat pure aluminum, so it can produce the clearest image. Due to the simple installation parts, the product can be adjusted freely and the installation can be quite easy. The rubber edge is black, grey, white, or orange. Installed on the wall or ceiling, the product is widely used in warehouse, supermarket, shopping mall, factory, and parking lot, etc. Besides, there are three sizes for choice, namely 30cm, 45cm, and 60cm.

Our product is designed on the basis of ordinary convex mirror, but the product does not have a back. The product can broaden user's vision and prevent theft effectively. It should be installed in a position of certain height when used as indoor anti theft mirror. Moreover, our convex mirror adopts high quality PMMA material, so it is resistant to corrosion and weather, and it is not easy to break or produce scratch. In consequence, the lack of mirror back has no influence on life span of the product, and reduction of thickness and weight provides convenience for installation and transportation. In large-scale delivery, the carton can hold more goods, so total cost can be reduced. Our product has several sizes for choice, and diameter varies from 30cm to 70cm, so customers can choose their favorite ones according to their specific requirements.

As a China-based portable anti theft mirror manufacturer and supplier, we offer a broad range of products, including anti-theft convex mirror, wide angle dome mirror, dome retail store mirror, road stud, and more.

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