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Safety mirror is an instrument which broadens user's vision by using convex mirror, which can display scenery and people in a wide range with a small mirror lens, so user can know information in a large scope by using the product. Installed inside factory or supermarket, our product provides convenience for enterprise to supervise and monitoring with quite few staffs. Moreover, our product can also be applied to intersection and bend where vision is limited, so traffic safety can be guaranteed.

Made of PMMA or PC, the lens is featured with clear image, durability, and shock resistance. Our safety mirror is firm, and it is easy to install and maintain. User can adjust the angle to realize perfect working effect. Our product can be divided into different types in terms of convex mirror diameter, and customers can choose proper products according to their specific requirements. Our product is widely used in warehouse, distribution center, parking lot, shop, office, bank, supermarket, airport, and hospital, and so forth.

Jessubond is a professional safety mirror manufacturer and supplier in China. Our company provides a wide variety of products, including plastic road barrier, scraping board, full view mini mirror, hospital dome mirror, and much more.

Other Products
  • Simple Convex MirrorKLEF-0030 simple convex mirror can be directly installed on the wall through connection. The lack of the back provides convenience for transportation and installation. The installation position is of certain height, so the lack of the back has no influence on the safety of our product. Moreover, the diameter of convex mirror is 30cm, which is the smallest one among the series. The lens is made of PMMA, which is 2mm thick ...
  • Simple Safety MirrorKLEF-0040 simple safety mirror has a simple style without mirror back. The product can be tightly installed on the wall through connecting arm. It provides large visual range and helps customer manage factory. Mirror lens is made of PMMA, which is 2.0mm thick, and its diameter is 40cm, so the product provides a larger visual field than KLEF-0030. Due to the simple design, carton size decreases to 42cm×5cm×42cm ...