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Garage Safety Mirror

KLXX-0022 safety mirror is composed of a round convex mirror, the diameter of which is 22cm, and an installation handle in the back. Installed in the exit of lane, convex mirror can provide a wide visual range, eliminate dead angle of observation, and guarantee user's safety. The lens is featured with low roughness, clear image, and good distance sense. Moreover, it is not easy to break or produce scratch, and it enjoys a long life span. Besides, the product is safe and steady, and it is easy to install.

Garage Safety Mirror Garage Safety Mirror Garage Safety Mirror Garage Safety Mirror

Jessubond is an experienced garage safety mirror manufacturer and supplier in China. We provide various types of products such as full dome mirror, rectangular reflective mirror, and convex security mirror.

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  • Safety Mirror with AccessoriesKLF-0030 product, namely safety mirror with accessories, adopts a small convex mirror, the diameter of which is 30cm. The convex mirror is made of PMMA, which is 2mm thick, or PC, thickness of which varies from 0.7mm to 1.5mm. The lens of our safety mirror can display large-scale scenery and provide convenience for anti-theft and management of supermarket and factory. The surface of the lens is not easy ...