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Roundtangular Safety Mirror Roundtangular Safety Mirror

KLRW-1624 roundtangular safety mirror adopts similar extended side edge design as KLRW-1218, so it provides wider visual field than rectangular reflective mirror. However, the size of the product, which reaches 16 inches × 24 inches, is larger than KLRW-1218. The lens adopts PMMA and mirror back uses ABS, so the product is featured with good aging resistance performance and long life span. The edge uses red-and-white or yellow-and-black design to alert pedestrians and drivers. Installed at the entrance of parking lot or school or factory, our safety mirror can help avoid accident caused by sight limitation. Due to the large size of the product, the size of carton reaches 60cm×72cm×13cm, and the net weight and gross weight are respectively 2.3kg and 3.2kg.

Detailed Information

Product materialABS back +lens PMMA
Back board colorwhite
Reflective sheet colorRed/white or yellow/black
Carton size60*72*13cm
Shipping portShanghai
PaymentT/T or L/C at sight
Factory & CompanyFactory
Roundtangular Safety Mirror Roundtangular Safety Mirror

Jessubond is a professional roundtangular safety mirror manufacturer, based in China. We offer a broad range of products, including full view mini mirror, traffic cone, traffic safety supplies, and more.

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