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Square Reflective Mirror Square Reflective Mirror

The model of KLTM-4060 square reflective mirror is different from round ones. The product adopts rectangular lens, which is 60cm wide and 40 high if placed vertically. The edge uses red-and-white frame to attract people's attention. The product can help avoid traffic accident caused by visual obstacles, so it can be applied to corner, intersection, entrance of school and park, etc. The convex mirror adopts PMMA and mirror back uses ABS, so the product is weather resistant. Besides, the carton size is 71cm×8cm×54.5cm, and the gross weight is 5kg.

Detailed Information

Product materialABS back + PMMA lens
Back board colorwhite
Reflective sheet colorRed/white or yellow/black
Carton size71*8*54.5cm
PaymentT/T or L/C at sight
Factory & CompanyFactory

Jessubond is a specialized square reflective mirror manufacturer and supplier based in China. Our company also provides parking lock, plastic road barrier, hospital dome mirror, and more.

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  • Rectangular Reflective MirrorCompared with KLTM-4060 type, KLTM-6080 rectangular reflective mirror is equipped with larger lens, the size of which is 80cm×60cm, so it is able to provide a larger visual range. The red-and-white frame of the lens is used to attract people's attention and improve traffic safety, and the frame of the product adopts yellow-and-black design. Convex mirror and the back are made of durable materials...
  • Roundtangular Reflective MirrorThe frame of KLRW-1218 roundtangular reflective mirror, which extends both sides of rectangular edge, looks like stadium runway. Due to this special design, users can enjoy wider visual field and receive more information of intersection. The red-and-white design of the edge is used to alert pedestrians and drivers. The size of mirror lens is 12 inches × 18 inches, and the material is PMMA, which is weather resistant.