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Speed hump is a slightly raised pad on the ground, and it is used to slow down cars at entrance or slope. It can be quickly installed in places like community, parking lot, gas station, and charge channel, in order to avoid safety problems caused by speeding. The base color of the product is black, and it has yellow checkered appearance, which has good reflective effect, so drivers can see the product clearly in the dark underground parking lot. Due to the durable rubber, the product is not easy to break even ran over by vehicles repeatedly.

We are a specialized speed hump manufacturer based in China. We offer a wide range of products, including traffic safety mirror, reflective traffic mirror, wide angle dome mirror, anti-theft convex mirror, and more.

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  • Warning Traffic PoleAs one of our isolation tools, the product, which replaces cone with column, can be placed at intersection or sidewalk to show road edge like traffic cone. The base is black or red, and the column is red-and-white or red-and-yellow. Due to the reflective film, the product can produce quite strong light in the dark tunnel or dark night, so pedestrians can see it from a distance. Moreover, the warning traffic pole is strong and durable ...
  • Traffic Cone BarAs a connecting rod of traffic cone, the product uses two heads to respectively cover tops of traffic cones, and a temporary isolation barrier is formed in this way. The installation of the product is very easy, and it can be dismantled when not in use, so the placement is more flexible than ordinary products. The product has red-and-white or yellow-and-black design, so the color is attractive ...