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Traffic cone bar, together with traffic cone, is widely used in dangerous area or at construction site. It has sharp and attractive color, and it is reflective, so it can improve safety efficiently.

As a connecting rod of traffic cone, the product uses two heads to respectively cover tops of traffic cones, and a temporary isolation barrier is formed in this way. The installation of the product is very easy, and it can be dismantled when not in use, so the placement is more flexible than ordinary products. The product has red-and-white or yellow-and-black design, so the color is attractive. Moreover, the surface has very good brightness and evenness. Made of durable material, the product can recover from rolling of vehicles, and it enjoys a long life span.

Traffic Cone Bar Traffic Cone Bar Traffic Cone Bar

Jessubond is a specialized traffic cone bar manufacturer and supplier in China. Our company offers a vast array of products, including traffic safety mirror, dome mirror, 3M reflective sheeting, PE traffic cone, and more.

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