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Warning Traffic Pole

Warning traffic pole can be divided into several types in terms of material, including PU, PVC, and TPU. There are several heights for choice, such as 45cm, 75cm, and so forth.

As one of our isolation tools, the product, which replaces cone with column, can be placed at intersection or sidewalk to show road edge like traffic cone. The base is black or red, and the column is red-and-white or red-and-yellow. Due to the reflective film, the product can produce quite strong light in the dark tunnel or dark night, so pedestrians can see it from a distance. Moreover, the warning traffic pole is strong and durable, so it will not break even shocked accidentally. Besides, the product can be used normally in the environment of high temperature or with rain or snow, so the maintenance cost can be quite low.

Model JSZ-001/002
Height 950mm
Weight 3kg
Base diameter 260mm
Model JSZ-003A/B
Height 1100mm
Pole weight 0.7kg
Base size 420x420mm
Base weight 6-8kgs
Models JSZ-101A JSZ-101B JSZ-102 JSZ-103
Height 750mm 750mm 450mm 650mm
Weight 0.8kgs 1.2kgs 0.6kgs 0.6kgs
Base diameter 200mm 200mm 200mm 260mm
Warning Traffic Pole Warning Traffic Pole Warning Traffic Pole

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