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Jessubond speed bump with PVC cable protector adds safety to your facility. The striking yellow-and-black bump is engineered from rubber at a perfect angle. Designed with a couple of channels including 2, 3 and 5 options, this rubber speed bump can also act as a cable protector used to protect cable from damage when a vehicle passes over the bump. Commonly, this type of speed bump is suitable for use in some activities such as outdoor exhibitions, stage show, etc. Jessubond is a leading traffic safety supplies manufacturer in China, and we will offer you the optimal traffic calming solution with cable protection option.

Speed Bump with 5 Channel Cable Protector
Model JSD017A
Size L900xW500XH50mm/pc
Weight 15.0kgs
Speed Bump with 3 Channel Cable Protector
Model JSD017B
Size L900 × W500 × H70mm/pc
Weight 18.0kgs
Speed Bump with 2 Channel Cable Protector
Model JSD017C
Size L1000 × W250 × H50mm/pc
Weight 7.0kgs
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