Safety Fence

As a plastic diamond mesh safety fence, KLWEA-2016 product is rugged, flexible, recyclable, and highly visible. This stabilized product is perfect for temporary or permanent enclosures.

The product is one of our isolation obstacles which can be placed around construction site. Compared with safety barrier, this product is much longer, but its strength is also lowered. The product is 50m long per roll, and 1m high, so even large-scale construction site can be encompassed after the unfolding and fastening of several rolls of the product. There are orderly meshes in the middle of the fence, and the mesh size is 65mm×35mm. This design can save material, and it is convenient for passerby to see the situation inside clearly through the fence. Besides, the product is made of high quality PE material, which is aging resistant, so it can be used for a long time.

Safety Fence Safety Fence Safety Fence

Jessubond is a professional safety fence manufacturer in China. We offer an extensive line of products, including portable anti theft mirror, anti-theft convex mirror, rectangular reflective mirror, traffic mirror, and more.

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