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Plastic Road Barrier

KLCHB-3012 plastic road barrier is designed for road safety and isolation. The product is made by advanced technology, and its yellow and beautiful body is formed by one-off mould. Besides, the product is easy to connect and move.

As a practical barrier, our product is suitable for use of road, warehouse, and factory. It can effectively avoid safety problems caused by errant vehicles or pedestrians. Compared with KLCHA-3011 product, the whole design of this product is more stable. The railing is very thick, and the product weighs 11kg, so it has good shock resistance performance. Moreover, the product is 160cm long and 105cm high, so it is shorter but higher than KLCHA-3011 product. Besides, the base is black, and the top isolation railing is orange, so it is easier for drivers and pedestrians to notice it.

A. Water Filled Plastic Road Barrier

Features: The traffic barricade features one-off molding. It delivers striking appearance and excellent resistance to heat, cold, impact and aging. Filled with water, the traffic safety barrier is more flexible and can be moved flexibly.

Applications: The water-filled barrier is mainly used in the exit and crossing of various roads, and toll station. It has effective warning effect to drivers and can reduce injury and death in car accidents.

Specifications of the Plastic Road Barriers
Model SM-001
Length 1300mm
Upper width 180mm
Lower width 370mm
Height 650mm
Net weight 8.5kgs
Water capacity 200kgs
Model SM-002
Length 1650mm
Upper width 150mm
Lower width 410mm
Height 650mm
Net weight 9.0kgs
Water capacity 300kgs
Model SM-003A SM-003B
Length 1400mm 1500mm
Upper width 145mm 180mm
Lower width 400mm 370mm
Height 800mm 800mm
Net weight 7.5kgs 9.5kgs
Water capacity 400kgs 250kgs
Model SM-006
Length 2000mm
Upper width 145mm
Lower width 400mm
Height 800mm
Net weight 19kgs
Water capacity 400kgs
Model SM-004
Length 1200mm
Upper width 80mm
Lower width 260mm
Height 600mm
Net weight 6kgs
Water capacity 60kgs
Model SM-005
Length 1500mm
Upper width 150mm
Lower width 430mm
Height 1200mm
Net weight 14kgs
Water capacity 200kgs
B. Plastic Road Barrier without Water
Model WL-001
Length 2280mm
Height 1200mm
Weight 65mm
Total weight 15kgs
Board weight 11kgs
Base can be turned by 360°
Model WL-002
Length 1950mm
Height 1000mm
Weight 55mm
Total weight 11.5kgs
Board weight 6.5kgs

Jessubond is an experienced plastic road barrier manufacturer based in China. In addition to plastic road barrier, we also provide speed hump, full view mini mirror, supermarket dome mirror, and more.

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