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Expandable safety barrier, namely KLCHA-3011, is made by advanced technology. The product is light and easy to move, and it has two support shelves inside, which can be injected with water to make the barrier heavier.

As a barrier applied to road traffic, our product can be placed before road construction area or no entry dangerous area to prevent vehicles from going forward and thus protect constructors and drivers. Our product is expandable. It is 250cm long and 96cm high when it is expanded, and the length will reduce to 27cm when constricted, so the storage space can be quite small. The major color of guard bar is attractive yellow or black, and reflective red and white colors are also used to improve warning effect. Due to the durable PE material, our product is acid-base resistant and can enjoy a long life span.

Expandable Safety Barrier Expandable Safety Barrier Expandable Safety Barrier
Specifications of Expandable Safety Barrier
Model WL-003
Length 340-2500mm
Height 940mm
Weight 2.2kgs

As a China-based expandable safety barrier manufacturer and supplier, Jessubond also offers full view mini mirror, PVC traffic cone, outdoor convex mirror and warning traffic pole, among others.

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