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PVC traffic cone, namely KLTCC, is made of PVC material, which is featured with good stability, high strength, good weather resistance, and flame resistance. As a result, our product will not break even when hit by a car, and it also enjoys a long life span. As an attention device used for traffic isolation, our product can temporarily separate traffic stream, lead vehicles to bypass dangerous areas, and protect safety of staffs on construction site. The product can also be placed at the gate of hotel or community. Composed of square base and circular cone, the product has red or red-and-white design, so it is catchy and can attract people's attention effectively. Besides, our product can be divided into three types in terms of height, including 45cm, 70cm, and 90cm.

  • PVC Traffic Cone
  • PVC Traffic Cone
  • PVC Traffic Cone
  • PVC Traffic Cone

Features of the PVC Traffic Cone
1. Completely made of new PVC material, our PVC traffic cone comes with excellent flexibility and toughness. It can not be broken even if it is pressed over by a car or stuck by hard things. can stand press of car. Also it will not be broken if it is stuck by hard things. Due to outsanding flexibility, the PVC cone can be twisted and pressed in 360 degrees.
2. Mixed with superior pigment and UV resistant additive, the traffic cone is sunproof, waterproof, heat resistant, cold resistant, crackless, colorfast and so on. It will not discolor within 2 years.
3. Red-and-color reflective cone is eye catching and provide great warning effects both in the day and at night.

Technical Parameters of the PVC Traffic Cone
Item# Height Weight Base Size
LZ-201A 900mm 4.3kgs 360x360mm
LZ-201B 900mm 5kgs 360x360mm
LZ-201C 900mm 4.7kgs 360x360mm
LZ-201D 900mm 4.2kgs 360x360mm

Item# Height Weight Base Size
LZ-202 720mm 3.5kgs 380x380mm
LZ-203A 700mm 2.3kgs 360x360mm
LZ-203B 700mm 1.7kgs 360x360mm
Item# Height Weight Base Size
LZ-204 700mm 3.2kgs 360x360mm
LZ-205 470mm 0.9kgs 300x300mm
LZ-206 450mm 1.1kgs 280x280mm
Item# Height Weight Base Size
LZ-207 450mm 1.65kgs 280x280mm
LZ-208 300mm 0.6kgs 210x210mm
Item# Height Weight Base Size
LZ-209A 750mm 2.35kgs 340x340mm
LZ-209B 750mm 3.3kgs 360x360mm
LZ-210 710mm 3.2kgs 350x350mm

As a specialized PVC traffic cone manufacturer and supplier in China, our company also provides scraping board, hospital dome mirror, full view mini mirror, and expandable safety barrier, among others.

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