Reflective Truck Tape

  • Chinese brand TM reflective truck tape
  • 3M reflective truck tape, 3M983D
  • 3M reflective trcuk tape, 3M983
  • 3M reflective trcuk tape, 3930
  • 3M reflective truck tape, 3931
  • 3M reflective truck tape, 3932

Reflective truck tape is used to improve traffic safety and reduce traffic accident, and it is applied to all trucks in China. Consequently, our 3M and TM products sell well all over the country. What's more, the product has been exported to other countries in the world.

Detailed Information

Grade Model Color Size
Diamond Grade 3M 983 Red 6"/white 6" 5cm*45.72m per roll
HIP Super Grade 3M 983D Red 6"/white 6" 5cm*45.72m per roll
HIP Super Grade 3M3930 White 5cm*45.72m per roll
HIP Super Grade 3M3931 Yellow 5cm*45.72m per roll
HIP Super Grade 3M3932 Red 5cm*45.72m per roll
Engineering Grade TM781 Red 6"/white 6" 5cm*50cm

It is hard for drivers and pedestrians to recognize ordinary vehicle on dark road, so traffic accident may happen in this situation. Our product can reflect light, so it is catchy and can help avoid traffic accident. The product is 5cm wide, and at least 45m long, so it is enough for the use of several trucks.

Our reflective truck tape has three grades, namely diamond grade, hip super grade, and engineering grade. Product of diamond grade is six times as bright as product of engineering grade, and its brightness will only reduce to 50% after ten years. The brightness of the other two grades will reduce successively, but they have lower cost. These three types all have red-and-white design, but products of diamond grade and hip super grade also have yellow surface.

Jessubond is a professional reflective truck tape manufacturer and supplier in China. We provide a vast array of products, including protective wall corner guard, wide angle dome mirror, traffic safety mirror, and more.

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