Scraping Board

Scraping Board Scraping Board

Designed for the sticking work of reflective sheeting and reflective tape, scraping board of KLKDA-3011 series is an exclusive product matched with manual film. It is applied to car film and construction film. The product eliminates dirty things adhere to film material, so that adhesiveness, quality, and beauty of film can be guaranteed. Our product is made of rubber, so the loss would be small even after long-term use. The product is white and blue, with the size of 76mm×127mm×85mm. Product of small size can eliminate dirty things in places where medium and large product cannot clean thoroughly. Each carton can hold 20 products, and the minimum order quantity is 500.

Detailed Information

Model KLKDA-3011
Size 76*127*85mm
Color White and blue
Material Rubber
Packing 20pcs/carton
Minimum order quantity 500pcs

Jessubond is a specialized scraping board manufacturer and supplier based in China. Our company also provides wide angle dome mirror, full view mini mirror, safety barrier, safety fence, and much more.

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