TM Reflective Film

TM Reflective Film

Our company sells TONGMING reflective film, which has many colors for choice, such as red, orange, yellow, green, brown, and white, etc. This series of products can be applied to all kinds of traffic signs, and thus improve indicating brightness especially in the night or environment with rain or fog. In this way, drivers can see content of the sign clearly. The product can also be applied to vehicle and ship, which can be catchy in the dark, so traffic accident can be effectively avoided.

TONGMING reflective film has large size, which is 1.22m×45.7m, so it can be perfectly affixed to the surface of large signs. The product can be divided into several grades, such as high intensity grade, engineering grade, and economy grade, etc. Each grade of the product is durable, but the original brightness and maintaining brightness after some time of different grades would be different.

Detailed Information

Grade Model Color Size
High Intensity Grade TM-18 series White/yellow/red/green/ Blue/orange/brown 1.22*45.7m
Engineering Grade (seven years) TM-72 series White/yellow/red/green/ Blue/orange/brown/black 1.22*45.7m
Engineering Grade (five years) TM-52 series White/yellow/red/green/ Blue/orange/brown 1.22*45.7m
Engineering Grade (PET) TM-51 series White/yellow/red/green/ Blue/orange/brown/black 1.22*45.7m
Economy Grade (Acrylic type) TM-32 series White/yellow/red/green/ Blue/orange/brown/black/ Red white/yellow black 1.22*45.7m
Economy Grade (PET) TM-31 series White/yellow/red/green/ Blue/orange/brown/black/ Red white/yellow black 1.22*45.7m

We are a professional TM reflective film supplier, based in China. We also provide traffic safety mirror, wide angle dome mirror, road safety convex mirror, circular reflective mirror, and much more.

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  • Letter CutterJB-1350 letter cutter is specially designed for reflective sheeting. The product uses automatic control system to do lettering, and customer just need to conduct easy key operation on LCD control panel. Interface display language can be English. High-efficiency lettering can be set according to customer's parameters, and the lettering speed is from 50mm/s to 800mm/s ...
  • Scraping BoardDesigned for the sticking work of reflective sheeting and reflective tape, scraping board of KLKDA-3011 series is an exclusive product matched with manual film. It is applied to car film and construction film. The product eliminates dirty things adhere to film material, so that adhesiveness, quality, and beauty of film can be guaranteed. Our product is made of rubber, so the loss would be small even after long-term use ...