3M Reflective Sheeting

3M Reflective Sheeting

Reflective sheeting is the combination of reflecting layer and high polymer material. As the sign of road or project, it provides security in the night by producing obvious reflection of light. The product can also be applied to vehicle to catch the attention of other drivers in the dark. There are many colors of 3M reflective sheeting, including white, yellow, red, blue, orange, brown, and green, etc. Moreover, there are many effects like fluorescent orange, fluorescent yellow, and fluorescent yellow green, etc. Consequently, our product can match with signs of all colors.

Reflective sheeting can be divided into many grades, such as engineering grade, high intensity grade, and diamond grade, etc. Engineering grade product has medium brightness, which will reduce to 50% after 7 years. High intensity product is at least three times brighter than engineering grade product, and its brightness will be 80% of the original brightness after 10 years. Diamond grade product is at least six times as bright as engineering grade product, and its brightness will reduce to 50% after 10 years. Our product, size of which is 1.219m×45.72m, can be divided into six types according to different uses. Customers can choose their favorite products according to their specific requirements.

Detailed Information

Grade Model Color Size
3M DG3 Diamond Grade 4090/4091/4092/ 4095/4097/4081/ 4083/4084 White/yellow/red/green/blue/fluorescent yellow/fluorescent yellow-green/ fluorescent orange 1.219*45.72m per roll
3M HIP Super Grade 3930/3931/3932/ 3935/3937/3939 White/yellow/red/blue/green/brown 1.219*45.72m per roll
3M EGP Engineering Grade 3430/3431/3432/ 3437/3435 White/yellow/red/green/blue 1.219*45.72m per roll
3M Engineering Grade 3290/3271/3272/ 3275/3277 White/yellow/red/green/blue 1.219*45.72m per roll
3M 610C Business Grade 610C-10/610c-12/ 610c-15 White/red/blue 1.219*45.72m per roll
3M 610SG Flexibility Grade 610SG-10/ 610SG-11 White/yellow 1.219*45.72m per roll

Jessubond is an experienced 3M reflective sheeting supplier based in China. Our products include hospital dome mirror, inspection mirror, full view mini mirror, traffic mirror, and much more.

Related Names

3M reflective film
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