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Traffic Safety Convex Mirror

KLC-0100 product is quite large among our outdoor convex mirror series. The diameter is 100cm, so the product can provide quite large visual range. Our product is well suited for the application in the intersection where road area is large, pedestrians and drivers' visions are blocked by obstacles, and many blind spots exist. The traffic safety convex mirror helps avoid traffic accident by providing complete information of intersection. Mirror lens is made of PMMA, which is 2mm thick, or PP, which is 1.0mm or 1.5mm thick. The aluminum edge is good for fixation. Moreover, the mirror back is made of orange PP material, which can attract pedestrians' attentions and protect the product by good corrosion resistance performance. Besides, our transportation efficiency is very high, and the delivery date is about ten days.

Detailed Information

Model KLC-0100
Mirror Lens Material PMMA (2.0mm) or PC (1.0/1.5mm)
Mirror Back Material New PP material
Edge Aluminum
Back board color Orange
Size Circular Diameter 100cm
Packing 1pc/carton
Carton size 101*15.5*101cm
N.W/G.W. 6.4kgs/9.4kgs
20'/40'/40HQ 170pcs/360pcs/420pcs
MOQ 10pcs
Payment T/T or L/C at sight
Factory & Company Factory

As a China-based traffic safety convex mirror manufacturer and supplier, Jessubond offers a broad range of products that includes anti-theft convex mirror, indoor convex mirror, full view mini mirror, and more.

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Traffic convex mirror
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